Generally, Animation and Comics is particularly used to describe Japanese cartoon. This type of cartoon is popular in Japan, mainland China, and Taiwan district, and so on. East Asian youth fancy to gather, enjoy, and communicate with fellows Japanese animation and comics.
Usually, Japanese Animation and Comics themes are about death, transmigration, wars, and human natures, etc, and also with some sex elements in some special works.
From 90’s last centuries, Japan started to combine animation industry, comics industry, and game industry together, so Animation and Comics is also called ACG. Since that time, most of ACG products aim to bring huge profits to these three areas. 1.jpg

2.jpgDōjin and “cosplay”

The group who in Animation and Comics is also called, that means these fellows have the common interests, they communicate, enjoy and share in their circle. Certainly, Dōjin involves not only ACG, but also other fields as novels, music, fan guides, and art collections, etc. Because Dōjin are mad in their ACG or novels characters, they hope they can play those roles. In 1984, Japanese animator Nobuyuki Takahashi established a word “cosplay” in annual World Science Fiction in Los Angeles. The word is combined by “costume” and “play”. Today “cosplay” has been a fashion and trend in many East Asian countries.cosplay.jpg

Otaku used to describe ACG fans particularly, but today, it means the fans who are infatuated and understand a type of subculture very deeply.
Annual research by the research agency Media Create indicated that of the $1.65 billion of the Otaku industry in 2007, Dōjin sales made up 48% ($792 million).

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