Augmented reality, also known as AR,is the term for when real world elements are augmented by virtual computer graphics, sounds or any other sense enhancments. The term augmented reality is believed to have been coined in 1990 by Thomas Caudell. Augmented reality enhances the perception of reality since it works in live video stream. With augmented reality you would be able to look at a birthday card and see a 3D birthday cake hover over the card and play a birthday song or look at a restaurant and its menu would just appear over the building. The world becomes a canvas in which you can paint on and create. Augmented reality works by a computer recognising a symbol or shape as a marker and replaces it with a picture, 3D model or animation and stays on that marker. In order for someone to view augmented reality you will have to have a computer set up to recognise a marker, replace the marker with sound or graphic and then display it on a monitor.

Augmented reality is still in an early stage or research and development at various universities and high tech companies. Even though its still in its early stages of development augmented reality Apps can be bought for iPhones and there are several creative art and game installations that have utilized this technology.