"The Rise and Rise of Blogging"

A blog (a simplified version of ‘weblog’) is a website, which is a frequent online publication of thought and web links. A single individual or a group of individuals can add reviews and commentary from the world of news to the world of fantasy and fiction. Sharing common interests in the forms of web links, photo’s and videos are also widespread. A blog is usually a mixture of what is going on in an individuals life and also what is happening on the web. All of these posts come together to create the content of the website. There is as many types of different and unique blogs on the web as there is unique people in the world. On most blog sites the content is arranged in reverse-chronological order. Blog can now even be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

The importance of having a blog has never been so apparent as it has been in recent years. Whether you are a corporate, a new or growing company, a designer or just an individual, the advantages of having one is widespread. A blog is a platform whereby you can let people know how you are different than others. You can talk about things you know about and love, but also what is relevant to your audience. Blogs also allow comments and feedback so you can engage with your audience immediately. They can offer help, feedback and even link you to their own blog, thus creating an online blogging community.

Helpful Blogging Tools: