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What is Blue Man Group?
Blue Man Group is best known for its widely popular theatrical shows and concerts that combine music, comedy and multimedia theatrics to produce a totally unique form of entertainment. The blissful party atmosphere created at the live events has become the trademark of a Blue Man Group experience.
Currently, Blue Man Group theatrical shows can be seen in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Berlin, and Zurich. In spring and fall 2010, the popular Japan show will re-open and a touring production of the theatrical show will begin its journey around the US.

History of Blue Man Group.
Three long-time friends Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink founded Blue Man Group in 1987 with a series of "happenings" which stemmed from salon style meetings. These events developed into the award-winning show that opened at the Astor Place Theatre in 1991.

Following the success of the New York show, Blue Man Group opened equally successful productions in Boston and Chicago. In March 2000, Blue Man Group opened its largest production at that time at the 1,200 seat Luxor Theater in Las Vegas. This production has become a must-see attraction in Las Vegas. In May of 2004, Blue Man Group opened its first international production in Berlin. Toronto will be home to the next production of Blue Man Group opening in June 2005, and London will follow in winter 2005.

What is a Blue Man?
The Blue Man character is a mystical, magical, mute being - a hero and a clown, a child and a shaman that defies description as readily as it welcomes speculation. Those who best articulate what is required to channel the spirit of the character are the Blue Men themselves many of whom come from all different forms of performance genres. Below are their bios and thoughts about the character in their own words.

Requirements to become a Blue Man.
The role of Blue Man is a very physically demanding one. We are seeking men and women who fit the following specifications:
• 5’10”-6’1”
• Athletic build
• Solid percussion/drum skills or strong musical background
• Excellent acting skills – the ability to communicate honestly within the dramatic circumstance and the ability to express emotions and communicate non-verbally
• Open to exploring an alternative acting style
• Able to let your ego go and embrace a collaborative working environment
• Dynamic, charismatic personality
• Open-minded
Willing to travel and /or relocate