Creative Commons is an exciting and growing way for sharing and collaborating. Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation that works by reinventing and replacing the existing copyright-licenses with new Creative Commons licenses which are provided free of charge to one and all. This license changes the possibilities from the normal ‘all rights reserved’ to creative commons version of full copyright, “no rights reserved”.

A license under the creative commons name lets you dictate how people from all around the world may use and distribute your work. The license itself still lets you hold your original copyright over your work but then allows other to copy, distribute and change your work. This is providing they give you, the original creator, credit and pertain to the conditions you set out.

When making a piece of work you immediately gain an ‘all rights reserved’ copyright to that piece of work. That instantaneous copyright protects your own creative content from it being used for something you don’t consent to. Sometimes however, this full copyright can be too restrictive for the content creator. What if you want your content to be shared, remixed, reused and built upon by the world over. That is where Creative Commons licenses comes in. You can obtain a free copyright license where you can easily define which parts of your work you want to be used. All you have to do is answer simple questions about how you want your content shared. Will you want commercial use for your content or will you allow your content to be modified? They will then give you the best license to suit you. You don’t give up your copyright, you refine it.

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