Framing a Shot- What to do and what not to do

By Marc Larmer

Useful Tips

What to do,

  • When positioning your camera lens, you have to consider all the layers in the image and facters involved.
  • The Rule of Thirds is when you spilt the screen into 9 squares 3 thirds, Points of interest in the frame should be 1/3 or 2/3 of the way up (or across) the frame, rather than in the centre.
  • Depth and layers as far as the eye can see behind the image, you want the viewer to follow the main focal point that you want them to focus on.
What not to do,
  • You need to compose your shot, by only having what you want in the frame and having nothing you don’t want in the frame should be in it
  • You can over clutter an image by having too much
  • Don’t just take the picture or press record, consider the composition, Passport pictures are a example of just taking a photo without considering composition
  • In framing a shot you need to know what you want

If you abide by the general rules of framing, it will improve your image