New Media is a term which emerged in the later 20th century and encompasses all things which relate to creative media such as audio, video, images, writing and performing arts and combines them through current technologies. The resultant pieces of work provide us with new forms of entertainment and new ways to consume information.
Technologies such as games consoles, digital television and devices such as mp3 players and iPhones fall under the category of new media. The idea is not concerned with all current technologies but rather technologies which have evolved into something significantly different from their original form or have been combined with other technologies to create something which changes the ways in which we consume media.
It can be understood as the combination of older and newer cultural conventions for information access, representation and usage. The difference between older and newer is that the “old” data are the representations of reality and human experience and the “new” data is that which is digitized.
Computers are the main vessel of new media. Tasks which were previously manual are now digitized and executed practically instantaneously. This has revolutionised the ways which human beings complete manual tasks. Not only has this revolutionised the execution of the task but has opened up previously non-existent ways of representing information.
The rise of new media has increased communication between people all over the world and the Internet. It has allowed people to express themselves through blogs, websites, pictures, and other user-generated media.
New Media has revolutionised social and political movements. The Internet provides the means for like minded individuals to come together and amass and organise themselves.
It has bypassed the gate-keeping, regulation and censorship of previous media and allows true freedom of speech and activity.
New media continuously changes because it is constantly modified and redefined by the interaction between the creative use of the masses, cultural changes, emerging technology and even factors which have yet to exist.