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The Digital Hub is a community of artists, researchers, educators, technologists, entrepreneurs and consumers which was first thought up in 2001. The Digital Hub is an Irish Government initiative to create an international centre of excellence for knowledge, innovation and creativity focused on digital content and technology enterprises. The core development is located a ten minute walk from the city centre of Ireland’s capital city, Dublin. The Digital Hub initiative will create a mixed-use development, consisting of enterprise, residential, retail, learning and civic space. The Digital Hub provides more than just enterprise and learning facilities, it supports collaboration. In areas such as: Animation, e-Commerce, e-Learning, Internet Agencies, Games, Mobile/Wireless applications and supporting technology there have been rapid developments. The Digital Hub is attracting new investment, new jobs and ultimately delivering growth in a key new industry sector for Ireland, digital media.

The Digital Hub's exhibit series has been running since 2003. The purpose is to showcase cutting edge digital media creativity and technology and to inspire new ideas for research, art and business. Each year The Digital Hub invites students from all disciplines to submit their work if they think it’s the best in their graduate exhibition. A panel from The Digital Hub then visits graduate exhibitions across the country to evaluate the student’s work and select a number of works to showcase at the ‘Best in Show’ exhibition in November. ‘Best in Show’ aims to bring together under one roof, in The Digital Hub, Dublin, the very best graduate work from a cross section of colleges and universities. ‘Best in Show’ is an excellent opportunity for graduates to network with their contemporaries and showcase their work to potential employers and gallery representatives. It also provides a stepping stone for recent graduate to apply for exhibitions, gallery representation and employment. ‘Best in Show’ is an occasion for colleges and universities to highlight the diverse range of work being produced by students from their creative and technology courses.

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