The Great Firewall of China is an internet filter set up by the Chinese government in order to censor the internet in china, limiting the information that goes in and out of China. Chinese routers are configured to block certain words, content and web addresses so that the Chinese people are unable to freely access information on the web. Sites such as Youtube, Flicker, Wikipedia and the BBC are blocked. The Chinese government feel very strongly about keeping the populous un aware of incidents in the past or any thing that would put the government in a bad light. People caught distributing or receiving information considered can be punished or even jailed. Their was a famous case where a Chinese reporter called Shi Tao Was being monitored by the Chinese government authorities and asked yahoo to give them access to his yahoo mail account, the reporter was found to have information on the tenth year anniversary of the Tian'anmen Square incident which the government viewed as sharing government secrets and jailed him for 10 years.

Bloggers are being monitored and certain words in posts are being flagged and the hosting site will ask the blogger to change the words or it will just remove the post. It has become like a game of cat and mouse, the cat being the government and the mouse the people. The people will always try to have a voice and have a say and the government will always try to filter that. Heir is a saying know as “jumping the wall” which is when people using the internet want to avoid the internet filter and use proxies and other creative ways to “jump” the Great Firewall of china.