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The PJ Carroll’s Building is home to the School of Informatics and Creative Arts for Dundalk Institute of technology. Previously a cigarette manufacturing plant, the Carroll building was originally built between 1967-1970 and designed by leading architect firm Scott Tallon Walker. In 2001, it was purchased on behalf of Dundalk IT by the department of education for €13 million. Architect Ronnie Tallon (from Scott Tallon Walker) was responsible for transforming a disused factory into a contemporary educational facility. The Building opened its doors for the first college term on the 13th September 2010. The PJ Carroll’s building has been developed into a 21st Century environment for educating computing and creative media students. It boasts world class facilities including a state of the art television studio, radio studios, a photographic darkroom, art rooms, a 40-seater cinema, performance spaces, computing labs and much more.

The building provides an ideal environment for a broad range of courses including Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Creative Multimedia, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Video & Film Production, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied Music, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing in Games Development, etc. The PJ Carroll’s building is the perfect backdrop to inspire Creative Media students for both educational and research purposes. The School of Informatics and Creative Media and their new home in the PJ Carroll Building will continue to produce world-class graduates that find employment in Creative Media Industries.

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