The Virtual Revolution is a BBC documentary TV program began on 30 January 2010,which focus on the influence of the World Wide Web has had since its inception 20 years ago.In this documentary series Dr.Aleks Krotoski a broadcaster and journalist with the program team interviewed a number of people who have played an important part in the development of the web, including web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee,Steve Wozniak (Apple), Chad Hurley (YouTube), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Evan Williams (Twitter) and so on and gathered the information of how the web changed our life.

Russell Barnes the producer of this program described the four phases the production would take; firstly conducting interviews and inviting comments from users on the programme's blog, the second would see rushes released for other to re-use under a permissive licence, thirdly, web users would be engaged, working with the Web Science Research Initiative, and the fourth would be an online, interactive version of the series available after it has finished.[1] People also can watch the interview clip from BBC Virtual Revolution website.They even can download the footage and make their own documentary.

Two decades ago Britain’s Tim Berners-Lee invented the web “just because he needed”, he told the BBC. Since then, the world was never the same.
The Ford of the internet
Berners Lee invited the WorldWideWeb is similar like Henry Ford succeeded in designing his Model T automotive industry in the early twentieth century.Henry made people transport more convenience and Lee made the world communication much more easier.
Network giants
And just as the industrial age brought its corporate giants,the network has devoted his own generation of mega companies.Google today is seen as a titan in the advertising industry, media, trade and even culture. For some of the language academies throughout the world accept the inclusion of the verb “google” in their languages.[2]

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